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Buy Harley Davidson Bobbers and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest When buying any bike, particularly a second hand or vintage model. If you are old enough to remember Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in 'Easy Rider', it's difficult to underestimate the appeal of a chopper motorcycle. Chopper​.

Technical history[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Foot clutches with tank shifters were standard on American motorcycles such as Harley-Davidson and Indian up to the midth century and many custom bikes today still employ this system.

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The Harley-Davidson rocker clutch was operated with the left foot with the heel down position to disengage the clutch with an over-center spring to hold the clutch disengaged and the toe down position to engage it "Toe-to-go". The right foot operated the rear brake, as is the practice in modern times.

Custom Suicide shifter bike ride.

Indian, meanwhile arranged things differently. On an Indian, the tank shifter was located on the right side of the motorcycle, with the throttle operated by the left hand and the shifter, spark control and front brake operated by the right hand.

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The hand shift gear selector mechanism was referred to as the "jockey top" or "jockey lid. When modified to operate as a "jockey shifter,"[ citation needed ] The lever would be pushed back for 1st gear and then step by step more forward for each subsequent gear.

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The foot shift gear selector mechanism was referred to as the "ratchet top". When modified to operate with short, transmission mounted hand lever and a foot suicide clutch, this type of set-up was referred to as a "slap shifter" or "slapper".

It is under his seat like the position of a jockey's hand while using his riding crop on his used harley bobber hand. This hand shifter lever is directly mounted more info the transmission and is just long enough to clear the primary drive cover or belt drive. The suicide foot clutch was usually a very simple lever, more or less a mirror image of the rear brake lever on the other side of the motorcycle; like a standard shift car's clutch lever.

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Sometimes a tank shifter is referred to as a jockey shifter, but this is incorrect due to the rider's hand position being in front of him, not behind him like for a horse jockey. A tank shifter is also connected to the transmission with linkage, which jockey shifters do not use.

This makes it very difficult to replace for sure. I started taking photos of the car that also shows the mileage to fully document the best level.

The earliest known use of a foot clutch and hand shifter, on motorcycles, was with the first multi-geared transmission on the Harley Davidson. In terms comparable to a motorcycle of current construction, it is simply a way to relocate the shift lever from the front foot controls to the side of the gas tank.

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Early motorcycle customizers who were trying to reduce their motorcycle's weight so as to increase its power-to-weight ratio would sometimes replace their stock rocker foot clutch with a hand fabricated suicide foot clutch, and remove the tank shifter's linkage and instead attach a shifter arm directly to the transmission jockey shifter.

This reduced weight not only made the bike accelerate better, but also gave the rider bragging rights of riding a motorcycle which required more skill to operate.

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