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1950 cadillac coupe deville

1933 to 1950 Cadillac Vehicles for Sale

The Cadillac DeVille was originally a trim level and later a separate model produced by The first Cadillac "Coupe de Ville" was shown during the Motorama. But sales more than doubled to, and in sales more than. For Sale White Cadillac Coupe Deville CID V8, PHY.

Round jet style dual exhaust outlets were incorporated into the vertical bumper extensions and the rear bumper was entirely deville. An Eldorado style wraparound windshield was seen on all models. Sedans used a distinctive style of window reveal molding, which created a built in sun visor effect.

For coupes a smoothly curved wraparound backlight was referred to as the "Florentine" style rear window. A wide ventilator intake was now stretched across the base of the windshield on all body styles and the chrome visored headlamp look was emphasized. The Series 62 could be distinguished by the lack of rear fender louvers.

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V-shaped ornaments and crests were used in the hood and deck and there were full length body underscores in bright metal. Coupe de Ville script was seen on rear corner pillars of the luxury hardtop, which also had wider sill moldings. The Eldorados had golden identifying 1950 cadillac coupes deville centered directly behind the air-slot fender breaks and wide fluted beauty panels to decorate the lower rear body sides.

These panels were made of extruded aluminum and also appeared on a unique one of a kind Eldorado coupe built for the Reynolds Aluminum Corporation.

1950 Cadillac with 16,000 original miles.

Also included in the production Eldorado convertible were monogram plates on the doors, wire wheels, and custom interior trimmings with the Cadillac crest embossed on the seat bolsters. Automatic windshield washers, power steering, Volt electrical system, and aluminum alloy pistons made the long list of standard equipment for the first time this year.

Power steering, windows, seats, and auto headlight dimming were optional.

1950 Cadillac Cars for Sale - 1950 cadillac coupe deville

On the sides of the body the rub-rail moldings formed a right angle with the vertical trim on the rear doors or fenders. This accentuated the character line in the sheet metal.

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The Florentine curve rear window treatment was adopted for sedans. Three chrome moldings bordered the rear license plate on either side and deck lid decorations consisted of a V-shaped ornament and a Cadillac crest.

The Coupe de Ville had a golden script nameplate at the upper body belt just forward of the rear window pillar.

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The Eldorado sport convertible featured extras such as wide chrome body belt moldings, a 1950 cadillac coupe deville rear fender design, with twin round taillights halfway up the fenders and flatter pointed tailfins. Tubeless tires were a new standard Cadillac feature. Standard equipment included back-up lights, turn signals, and automatic transmission. Buyers were given an option of the standard satin finish grille or an optional gold finish.

Cadillac script was found on the left side. A narrow chrome molding and nine vertical louvers were seen.

The Coupe de Ville had a model nameplate and a Cadillac crest on the sides of the front fenders. An Eldorado script finally appeared with fender crest on the car which was further distinguished by a twin hood ornament. Extras featured on the Eldorado convertible, now known as the Biarritz in order to distinguish it from the Seville, were a ribbed chrome saddle molding extending from the windshield to the rear window pillar along the beltline and flat, pointed rear fender fins.

Power steering was now standard.

cadillac de ville series

This included 66, De Villes and Eldorados. In a Popular Mechanics survey of Series 62 owners, the two most serious complains: Was one, with

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