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Mach 1 cobra build

If there's a Mustang to own, it's this Super Cobra Jet Mach 1 Twister Special

Purchased a Mach 1 from a guy off Facebook with a locked up Remember you'll need the cobra throttle setup for the View the Ford Mustang Mach 1 'Cobra Jet' on exhibit at Audrain Automobile Museum The car's turquoise color is called Aztec Aqua on the build sheet.

1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Cobra Jet

Build mach 1 cobra

The car comes with history docs. As with all our cars, this car will be sold completely serviced and inspected and ready to be enjoyed. When the car is completed in our garage it will also be appraised by an click the following article appraiser and it will come with a full report. Great factory original correct Gulfstream aqua paint that looks great with a deep shine.

All the trim and build are in as new condition as well. ENGINE Ford Super Cobra Jet Bigblock, fully pro rebuild in our shop and in very good condition with all the correct factory components such as the special SCJ crankshaft, special rod's, balancer and intake and exhaust manifold all still in place, the car is also equipped with its original ignition system and distributer with date correct coil and plug wires.

Mach 1 cobra build: 2020 ford mustang - build & price

Just a beautiful engine in as new condition. More than ,- was an investment in the driveline alone. The transmission will be tested completely at our facilities and works flawlessly.

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And correct to the car. It's clean and with no flaws. All the original trim, glass and emblems and details are still in the car. This car is one of only very few builds that was equipped from the factory with its SCJ engine and Dragpack 3,91 V code axle package.

PTTM is very proud to present this great and rare car to its https://surautoca.site/category11/1000-hyundai-elantra-reviews-2018-india.php. The 69' build for most Mustang purists is the best looking model ever produced. For a Mustang that's like finding a holy grail of rare Ford muscle cars and its also much rarer than most Shelby's! We found this car in Arizona a well known state for fantastic and rust free super dry classic cars.

Its was for sale by the wife of the owner who sadly had past away. Thanks again Judy, we will do all we can to do what we promised! The car's additional bonus is the fact that it also painted in its factory original and very desirable Gulfstream aqua metallic paint, a color that really makes the Mach1 fastback stand out.

I feel you get cash reception that way. All car makers are electrical this way though. To make the glass "stopped" antennas mach 1 cobra build a little better they are bad with amplifiers before they ever get to your radio. If the seller fades, so does your reception.

I think mine began to fade before the transmission and I was going to replace it with a higher antenna. That's just https://surautoca.site/category9/5897-mustang-lease-deals-edmunds.php personal peeve with here.

With its dual headlights special grill and the three-piece taillights and sharp lines and especially in this color it is hard to argue with that. Its lack of many deluxe items on the options list also clearly indicates that.

And although he must left a small fortune on the counter of the Brandywine Ford Dealership in Newark DE on January the 27th of for this expensive mach 1 cobra build, as we learned from the Marti-report that comes with the car.

He apparently never really raced the car later on in its life as it is way to nice for that today. And seeing it also carries its original engine, a combination you wont find on a car that was actually raced in the early 70's. Everything on this car still appears to be factory original, and although the engine and transmission are freshly rebuilt, everything is still present and pretty much the way it left the factory in The engine and transmission and complete drive line were rebuild to factory original specs by PTTM and ready for the next k miles, it just cant get any better than that.

And keep in mind that most SCJ or even normal FE engine cars you see for sale might seem to be original, but when you look closer and really inspect them the almost never carry the real gem that makes them a rare SCJ or true car in the first place This car however is not only a SCJ by name only, but also by pure pedigree with al it's original parts, engine and details still in place.

So don't confuse this car with just any car that carries the SJC name. The SCJ engine was also not just some name upgrade of the base CJ but a specially developed engine that was build with much more precision and special components than say a base or even a Cobra jet. And although the CJ and SCJ used the same castings, the blocks that were used for the SCJ were the best of the assembly line and the were handpicked and only the best blocks got the ok stamp to be build into SJC's.

The Super Cobra Jet engine was than equipped with amongst other details, a special forged crankshafts, special heavy duty piston rod's, special pistons, piston rings, heavy duty main caps, special performance camshaft and lifters and a special balancer to name some.

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These engines were hand build by Ford specialist and made much more power than Ford ever dare to state in there brochures. In the car we present to you here, all these special internals are still in place as were many SCJ cars had them replaced over the years for stock cranks and parts, but not this one!

Its not only a great car to own and enjoy, but also a great investment and a real high-end collector car.

You can expect this system to be LOUD, and Proper fuel management will be crucial with these pipes, but there's no denying the style they add. They are available in both chrome and black ceramic. We had some serious concerns about the quality and fit of these pipes.

Owners who have installed this exhaust have expressed a number of issues.

As you can see on the maches cobra build the car is restored in concour's condition and everything you see was either restored or rebuild, its also equipped with new suspension, brake systems, new correct dual exhaust with correct end tips, factory original wheels with white letter tires and much more.

No cost were spared to make this 69 Mach1 SJC one of the best and for sure most original ones around, so its also not just an over restored car that has all new but non of its factory original parts.

I felt like I was in one of those tight movie, but without the villains coming after me. Roving head turner. Story One memorable story I had with this car is that it is https://surautoca.site/category5/5111-new-harley-davidson-water-cooled-engine.php head-turner, instinctively when I press the retractable roof button.

And that combined with its untouched all solid body, floors and structure makes this one hell of a great high end Musclecar for any collector or Mustang fan. You wont find a better one and for this price you wont even be able to have one restored.

Group Description: Welcome to the Cobra Parts for sale Facebook page! This is a Any off the shelf upgrade is around $ but I think if any community can build one for cheap, it’s this community. Any advice? Just trying to get my 03 Cobra dialed in! Edgar Gonzalez. 31 October at

Its all turn key, tested and ready to be driven and enjoyed. According to most professional car appraisers and Classic mustang experts the mach 1 cobra build of this amazing SCJ and in this color and equipped with these rare parts and options would be around ,- or more.

So it link leave for growth and is a very healthy investment for its future owner.

428 cobra jet mustang mach 1 in ‘fully restored’ condition

As stated above we promised the wife of the last owner to find the car a great new home, so keep in mind we would like to keep that promise and we hope that we can find someone for this car that will pamper and take care of it just as good as the last owners have done the last 50 years. Call us today to make an appointment to come and see it.

The pictures are mostly from before the restoration proces.

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