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2003 dodge dakota pcm location

98 Dodge Dakota 3.9l at ECU ECM PCM Engine Computer Control Unit 56046323AC

Dodge Dakota L ECM, Engine Computer PCM ECU Programmed replacement for all Dodge Dakota PCM models with a L engine size. Throwing parts at a problem in an attempt to solve it may be good for the parts business, but attempting to return a replacement PCM because it didn't fix the.

This part is the computer for your engine that runs the entire system and keeps your truck moving.

If you are encountering Dodge Durango PCM problems, you'll experience more issues that just a bad computer. What is the Electronic Control Unit?

The electronic control unit is the computer system behind your engine's operation. Some Durango model years dub this component the PCM, which stands for powertrain control module, as in the Dodge Durango pcm.

Most of the trouble codes come from the ECU or PCM, and this is the device that triggers the check engine light in some cases. Occasionally, you'll make a click and need to reset the check engine light by resetting the ECU.

This is something that can be done quickly without replacing the entire computer unit, but if after resetting the ECU, there are still problems associated with a failing PCM, you'll need to replace the part itself or the relay.

Sometimes, this can reset a check engine light that still comes on after you've repaired a problem.

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To do so, disconnect the cable going to your battery's negative terminal for at least three to five minutes or remove the fuse for the ECU. After reconnecting it, start your truck and idle for 10 minutes, and the system should be reset.

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If the check engine light comes back on after you've reset the system, you could have a bad relay or you may just have another problem to repair on your vehicle. Sometimes, a bad ECU will not allow your engine to start at all.

2003 dodge dakota 3.9l ecm | engine computer pcm ecu programmed plug&play

Luckily, in some cases, what you might think is a failed electronic control unit is actually just the relay that sends power to the ECU. If this is the case, you could replace the relay without significant problems.

Usually, the relay will fail first from moisture or heat damage, but if the problem is with the electronic control unit, you'll need to locate and replace it with a PCM that is programmed specifically for your truck. Cost for a New ECU If you're buying a new electronic control unit, understand that it's similar to buying a computer. You'll have to buy a part that is programmed for your Durango.

The location is just under the hood, on the passenger's side near the sidewall. This is a part that can be quickly replaced, and if you can do it yourself and buy your own replacement, you'll save a lot of money over taking your truck to get a new ECU from the dealer.

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