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2001 mr2 performance specs

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Toyota MR2

@ 4, rpm Torque. See Toyota MR2 Spyder Performance, Fuel Economy, MPG, Acceleration &, Towing Capacity, Engine Size, Drivetrain, Fuel Type and Top Speed. Check out Donut Media's Toyota MR2 video below for more of the details such as the MR2 rally car, the special TRD GT, among other. Here's what you should know before buying a used Toyota MR2 Spyder. Either way, the Spyder had a claimed time of seconds.

This Cabrio convertible top configuration also saves a lot in iron. This soft top does install more easily, eliminating the dealer of the top rear window frame and the current into it of the rear glass and seal. Click on a link at the beautifully.

with contact cement. Then we believe you can star your own Cabrio top and save hundreds of dollars on labor costs.

Japanese MR2 turbo information: specifications Engine cc, straight 4 cylinder, twin cam, 16 valve, EFI, intercooled, twin entry turbo. Revision 3 onwards: BHP.

Weight Kg source: 'Japanese Performance' magazine, Jan Curb weight of the american MR2 turbo T-bar car is listed in an american and Toyota brochure as lbs; that's Kg. Hardtop car should be very slightly lighter though. A genuine MPH is quite possible in uncontrolled conditions wind, gradient, etc.

Heat saturation of the intercooler from the prolonged wide open throttle is probably also an issue. Fuel consumption I get about 15 MPG but thats with the throttle to the floor as much as possible, which isn't that bad if you consider the amount of power being put out.

Something like 24 MPG might be more typical.

Some might claim as much as 30 MPG, but I think you're looking at a lot of motorway miles at 70 mph to get that, which perhaps isn't an appropriate use for such a car.

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