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Rimac concept two specs patch

Rimac C_Two 1,914-hp electric hypercar can drive itself if you're too scared

With generous space for two occupants and their luggage, the C_Two is even be configured in a variety of specifications, according to the customer's wishes. Follow up to Concept One Rimac will then take the C-Two to the track, where an even less sterile environment So what're the specs? when it'll be here, we don't know yet – but we'll update this article when we find out. Rimac C_Two Production Model Could Have Even Better Specs It's worth mentioning the two-seater fully electric hypercar is nowhere near. After all, the Croation electric vehicle maker's first car, the Concept One, made over 1, hp and 1, lb-ft of torque from its four electric. Rimac says the car can complete two full laps of the Nürburgring “with a The car can just look at you and decide the spec you'd prefer. Maybe.

Use a transmission funnel and add thru the dipstick.

Remove dipstick, wipe clean and check fluid level. And FULL marks on dipstick. If vehicle has been driven for extended period of time at high speed, in city traffic or pulling a trailer, an accurate fluid level cannot be immediately determined.

Hesitates badly when trying to accelerate from dead stop. Press the gas nothing happens I just had it in the dealer for other problems that had multiple fault lights tripping 4x4 fault, ABS not working, etc. I'm about 1 step from getting rid of this pos, it really is not very pleasurable to drive and very jerky I did purchase a Sprint Booster and am going to install it soon, have been down ill but look for my Sprint Booster post under the Modifications forum as I'll post the results once I've finally installed it.

Good luck with your issue and if you rimac concept two specs patch a cure please post. I'm faced with a dilemma though, and wanted some opinions: I was originally looking at a i with the M Sport package, Track Handling package, and that's pretty much it.

I walked into the dealership, drove it, loved it. Performance, above everything, is what really matters to me.

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