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White Allen European Auto Group
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Since I started making cages for some of the groups in the area off road, road race, carting, I have been shocked by the splits from the HREW It does take more impact to split it when the seam is inside, but even ones that 'didn't look too bad', once I pulled them they were compromised in the seam area. Off hand - I'd have to say I have seen them ohio when the seam is just about anywhere.

I even had a cage that took an impact on the hoop, and the stretcher that was HREW folded and split at the seam I had never seen that before either.

white allen volkswagen

I know we used to use it on straight runs in the old days and never had a problem. Don't know if it's places cutting corners, but I would not trust it now for anything I wanted to 'keep me safe'.

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