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Baja blitz mini bike

Baja Heat Mini Bike, CARB; 33 thumb Baja Racer Mini Bike; 25 thumb Baja Warrior Mini Bike; 31 thumb Dirt Bug; 34 thumb Doodle Bug 30; 49 thumb MB​.

Useful Advice

I cut this off and taped it back. I believe this runs back to the idiot light on the dash and is important, keep reading.

Remove the 10mm nuts and remove the battery cover. Once the cover is removed, you will see the main battery. Remove the main battery. Disconnect the negative and battery terminals.

But we can get the good output from this type of generators. The cost of this generator is Rs. EPCX: The rated output is 2. It has the tank capacity of 25 liters. It is little bit costlier than the previous model, since the output is high.

Remove the bracket on the side of the battery.

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