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Ferrari 488 gtb 70th anniversary


Upon the occasion of Ferrari's 70th anniversary, the marque decided that a proper way to celebrate would be to produce a limited run of cars finished in Ferrari reveals five special 70th anniversary liveries in Paris The GTB “The Schumacher,” pays homage to the legendary success of.

I know this will be a learning experience and expect to make changes as the RT is driven and Ferrari 488 take data on click here handling parameters, but I want to start with a goal in mind and design the components as close to that goal as possible from the start.

The software starts with the basic three dimensional coordinates of the moving suspension parts; upper a-arms, lower a-arms, tie rods, shocks, springs, etc.

Gtb 70th anniversary and wheel parameters are selected as well and all components can be tweaked to see the desired results as you "move" the suspension through its range of motion. All pretty cool to an engineering guy like me who wants to know how things work and how changes will alter behavior of the suspension.

After getting some basic geometry by reverse engineering some info on the T-Rex, I started to lay out the design and test the geometry.

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