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Silvia s15 vs s2000

S2K or S Alright so In the next few weeks I'll be purchasing a new car. I want it too handle good with some decent power, I'll only be using it. Has anyone gone from a Nissan s15 to a honda S? If so which car do you prefer in the end? It's pretty common for s15 drivers to switch to. I've been looking at JDM S15's for the last few weeks and at a rough estimate for a Amieya rx-7 vs Amuse S rx7 wins u are incorrect. I'm biased because I own a s15 and the brother in law owns the s2k. Some of you have probly seen this but this is the turbo vs NA challenge.

Tuned Z vs S15 vs S2k

It's been a while since i posted here in tsikot. I'm sure nobody remembers me anymore. I'm planning on getting another toy car for my self since I already sold my turboFD.

Gusto ko naman sana ma try ang drifting and I'm not sure on which car to get. I'm not planning on going full on drifting.

The car would be like a gimik car and a lil bit of a drift car. It wont be my main car so no issues on space and consumption. My dilemma is i don't know which is easier to tune, which is more reliable and wont cost a ton of money because I'm not planning on keeping the car for a long time. Please let me know your thoughts about this guys.

But for this car to look good, it must be simple and clean. None of those extremely low body kits or extremely high spoilers, all of which make the car link cheap.

Since the engine is already turbocharged, it will cost less to squeeze more power out of the engine. Basic bolt-on mods and a chip should enable it to run with stock STi's and Evo's already. The S's real nice, but the engine is so high strung it probably behaves similar to a Civic at the lower part of the rpm range.

First,thanks for watching This is my first video,not the best play but i hope you enjoy I'm so sorry about lag and sound issue. Nissan Silvia S15 Missing textures on the car?? Unsubscribe and Resubscribe!! Missing textures on the car?? Unsubscribe and Resubscribe!! Nissan Silvia S Description Discussions0 Comments69 Change Notes. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes.

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