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2000 integra type r transmission

The Performance-Focused 2000 Acura Integra Type R

Please be careful that the transmission you're buying doesn't have bad synchro's because a lot of them have been beaten on and this is the first problem you'll have. Plus, if you're making a lot of power, to the wheels, be prepared to replace your differential because these can be broken with regularity.

Its gear ratio's are identical to that of the B16A's but has a stronger limited slip and dual synchro's in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears.

Expect to pay between for a genuine CTR transmission because they're rare and well worth the price. Its also worth mentioning that these transmissions are Hydraulic type.

The most important feature here is that its cable-type. This means you can bolt this into any 93 and older integra and 91 and https://surautoca.site/category8/7695-subaru-new-car-last.php civic without having to change to hydraulic.

2000 acura integra type-r

The synchro's on this transmission are still considered weak, however the gearing is very good for all motor applications as its identical to the B16A transmissions. Finally, this transmission did not have factory LSD, so keep that in mind when someone is trying to tell you otherwise.

Look to pay between dollars for this transmission, although its going to be difficult to find and usually when you do, there is something wrong with it.

b-series transmission guide

These transmissions however, are much different in there gearing. This transmission has a longer first and second gear with slightly longer 3rd and 4th gears. The final drive is still 4. You'll be able to find this transmission in Integra's and they're all cable-type. The prices for these should range between for clean, good working units.

When the driver steps on the 2000 integra type r transmission, the belt alternator starter will start the engine again. With the MHEV-technology it is good to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 0. By edging the Inscription spec, drivers will discover an interior which contains all the efficient features and fittings provided by the Momentum spec, in a noticeably enhanced package.

Paying anymore is pointless, as these transmissions are everywhere. Most notably, this transmission is the longest of all b-series transmissions and has the weakest synchro's and weakest differential.

94-01 Acura Integra Manual Transmission Removal

For boost, a lot of people like the gearing of this transmission, plus gas mileage is great and they're very cheap. Look to pay no more than for a clean LS tranny because they're everywhere.

Here is a look at the Specs.

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