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Since I am still in Jakarta, my friend checked it out for me and had the following observations : - The car was clean, mechanically and aesthetically - No traces of abuse - Been with the dealer since July '18 - As Akshay porsche macan 2019 jakarta here, it misses out on a bunch of key features - No Apple Carplay, smaller iDrive screen and MID, Harman Kardon stereo, adaptive headlights and suspension, et al However, it has what you mentioned would please me the most - The in-line Audi s3 exterior mods. Again, pretty indecisive at the moment Quote: Originally Posted by ToyotaFan I would say 60L on road for a km car is a bit too much.

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New cars were going for the similar price and if I remember correctly someone on the forum got a deal for 59L on road Mumbai. I would not pay more than 57LL on road for such a car. I believe you should check out the car thoroughly and bargain hard.

The dealer's playing a hardball though.

Porsche macan 2019 jakarta: tick your bucket list with the genius porsche macan

Quote: Originally Posted by Akshay The expedition is not worth it. It just misses out on too many features.

Its like buying an X5 just for the sake of buying an X5. I would say stick to the X3 if you want a premium SUV, the deal you have got is pretty good.

On the other hand, you can look for a 2019 jakarta owned Cooper S, and maybe get an Endeavour or Kodiaq to go with it. Edit - Wait till March to see the best pricing on the premium cars.

Would the March deals be significantly better? A used German RWD sedan for those moments when you want to feel you're A new Toyota Crysta for those km roadtrips. And a new Toyota Yaris for the shopping trips.

Due to these changes we see more unable to hold factory orders for a short period of time. If you are made for a car for immediate delivery please visit our detailed offers page.

Otherwise please keep an eye on this page for further expansions. Mercedes-Benz are offering the following finance plans: 5. Towels and conditions apply.

Unbeatable safety kit on the Yaris. And Toyota might just give you a super discount offer for buying 2 of their cars together.

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Just an afterthought: Buy a Camry Hybrid and a Crysta. Maybe Toyota will throw in a Yaris free. You make a very logical case here. However, I'm not a big Toyota fan Despite owning a Lexus right now - They age beautifully, but are a tad too boring for me and constantly remind me being 35!

You and your family is used to the NX and Countryman.

Regret, 2019 porsche jakarta macan

So, I feel at least one car needs to be from a luxury brand given your budget. I like the new X3, thank heavens BMW hasn't showered it too much with their most recent design language.

And the GT TSi is a safe hatchback with decent dynamics which can help out on those chores. That way, there is total clarity on which key to pick for what purpose. And I am done with diesels!

Repairable Vehicles and Salvage Car Auctions: Tips and Suggestions Repairable salvage cars for sale translate to a great value to the porsche macan 2019 jakarta. However, if you wish to buy a salvage title vehicle, we recomend you to contact your local DMV for title and registration information, you should also always inspect a car for sale before bidding.

We can help you find inspection services, and if you wish to have vehicles transported to your door, we can help you find transportation services as well. The Tesla Model 3 so far in makes up nearly half of all EV sales in the United States, where 45 plug-in models are available.

The company said the price changes were a combination of improving affordability and streamlining vehicle trim packages. Tesla is one of the few automakers that reached the limit of, sales, after which the tax credit is reduced over time.

The tax credit for Tesla cars completely disappears starting Jan.

Petrol, however, would be I picking something up selfishly rather than practically - And as of now, Gujarat is not yet cursed or otherwise by the NGT Diesel ban. I am with you on the combo of X3 and Polo. Getting closer to that, day after day.

I know it's not as good as X3 in terms of driving pleasure but on other fronts, I think it scores better. But it's a straight-six. Another down-vote for the X5 expedition! Having owned a Q3 not so long ago, I know of folks at Audi Ahmedabad and they shared with me the available deals.

porsche puts its new macan suv on centre court

The Q range has become generic and boring off-late, or at least that's what I feel. Family would rather go for a brand change, as a whiff of fresh air. All - Here's the final short-list then.

Thank you, once again!

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