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2016 hellcat stock whp

Watch a Hellcat make 706 RWHP with only a tune

For the guys on here that have put there stock car on the dyno Challenger Hellcat Build #, Jazz Blue Pearl Coat, Sepia, A8, Nav. the Dodge Hellcat and Dodge Demon Really Make on the Dyno the ​horsepower Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is finally out. We Put the SRT Hellcat Challenger on the Dyno to See What it Makes, and How it Stacks Up Against Ford and Chevy!

Jeep is celebrating its 75th year of building go-anywhere vehicles.

I literally find myself figuring out reasons to go out just so I can drive it. It is a joy for so many reasons: 1. Tech will blow you away. You strictly realize after only a few hours of ownership how unnecessary returns, dials, knobs and gauges really are.

As you might expect this sort of anniversary has brought with it a few special edition vehicles. I was given the opportunity to spend a week with a pea soup green Renegade.

Officially the colour is named Jungle Green, but it was not until I drove it down an over grown tractor road that I realised it was the same colour as the foliage, perfect for a game of vehicular hide and seek.

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