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FOX Shox Unveils Prototype Electronic RAD QS3 Snowmobile Shocks

FOX redefines ride dynamics for ATVs, mountain bikes, motocross, off-road vehicles, snowmobiles, trucks, and UTVs. ph SLED; Tom's Snowmobile. Best selection of Fox snowmobile shocks at the lowest prices. Orders over $89 ship Fox Racing Shox Float 3 Evol Ski Shocks, Fox Float AirShox: You can outfit your sport sled with the same Fox Story by Jerry Bassett Photos by Jerry Bassett & Fox Racing Shox Nov. Over the past several years, I've been spoiled by Fox Racing Shocks and have learned why great suspension makes a world of difference. We are clearing out old inventory to make room for new!! Many of these are onzees, twozees or very few. If you need extended and compressed.

The Importance of Suspension for Serious Snowmobile Riders

Tentatively dubbed QS3 RAD Racing Applications Development for now, the new system uses a 12v powered stepper motor controlled by a handlebar-mounted switch, allowing the rider to choose between three valving options in the QS3 more info while riding.

QS3 shocks were an undeniable hit for the snowmobile media including myself who experienced them last season, as the simple, effective adjustability allows you switch between what is essentially LXR-Sno Pro-RR compression valving in just seconds, albeit by getting off the sled and manually moving the dial. The new RAD system simplifies the adjustment process by adding electronics, enabling the rider to switch between the three settings on the fly.

With a rack and pinion steering setup, a Toyota Avalon Steering Rack delivers the side-to-side motion necessary to turn the car or truck. Generally a car's Toyota Avalon Steering Rack is very durable and fox racing suspension snowmobile work upwards of, miles, but ultimately is should be fixed.

The Toyota Avalon Steering Rack attaches a rod to the pinion in the car or truck's rack-and-pinion steering system. A Toyota Avalon Steering Rack plays an essential role in transferring the movement of the steering wheel into the power that spins the car wheels.

A handlebar-mounted switch will control all four shocks yes, FOX will have QS3 on the front track shock too and no, this switch will NOT be the production unit. Simply put, being able to switch valving on the fly enables riders to better feel the differences between each position. And by making switching so easy and quick, riders will actually utilize QS3 more frequently, as conditions change from one trail to another, or from different desired pace.

The current plan is that RAD will be available as an aftermarket option inboth as a kit that fox racing suspension snowmobile retrofit on piggyback-style FOX shocks from the past handful of years, or as an entire shock kit. How about an automated shock system that automatically changed the track shock valving based on the hit taken by the ski shocks?

Or ski shocks that automatically stiffen when the brake is applied, to prevent diving? In the meantime FOX said that several athletes will use RAD this coming winter, and they extended an offer for journalists to ride the system.

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