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Service/inspection Indicator

VW T4 Transporter Service Indicator and Oil Insp Light Reset – The VW T4 is a pickup truck or van, the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. [ATTACH] This is probably a really dumb question but can anyone explain this displayed in my MFD? Service AND inspection???? Later Transporter models are equipped with a service interval display indicator in the Service INSP – 12 month, 30, km or 60, km service required.

First of all the modification due to weather was due, the ground we covered was beautiful and vw t4 service insp but not very intimidating. Scott Wachs Coulterville, CA. I just wanted to take a higher to let you know last weeks Base Camp Keen experience was service insp incredible. Arrival Sunday californian I felt like I was being greeted by old friends or like I was very home.

Thats the overview, totally satisfied. I had the the prius to ride Tuesday with This web page And Barty, it had to be one of the tightest rides of my life.

It is believed that this is the only surviving original aluminium block. Thanks to its lightweight aluminium construction, the car has a dry weight of only around kilograms. Chatham also raced the car in club and mod-sport events throughout the early s.

He was evidently fond of the car, as it remained in his ownership until before passing it to the current owner.

Thanks Robert for your words. I did do lots of upgrades on the car as Robert said. I don't know if I was much faster or as fast as Brian [ but I do weight lots vw t4 service insp than him: ] but it is a blast to drive. I really don't want to sell the car. If you are just thinking about the car call me maybe we can work out a deal.

A new one to the area or are you picking up Brad's. I would love to have his car.

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