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1972 mercury rocket snowmobile

Old Sled Zone: 1970’s Mercury Snowmobile & a backyard of vintage sleds

I have two vintage mercury's that i want to sell or trade for something newer. The sleds are a rocket 25hp and a lightning Mercury Rocket or Lightning decals Snowmobile Part # A1. $ Chilton's snowmobile repair & tune up guide manual Rupp Arctic Cat mercury.

6500 blizzard

Photo courtesy Jason Wood So what does a bowling ball and a snowmobile have in common? In the case of vintage Mercury Merc snowmobiles and bowling balls — at one time in the 's both were owned and produced by various divisions of the Brunswick company of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Brunswick, of course, is best known for their line of Mercury marine outboards and boats — though they still are a leader in making bowling balls, too. Mercury snowmobiles had a rich history in the 's snowmobile racing world — read more for their raw power and high speeds the sleds dominated racing circuits across the snowbelt.

Kiekhaefer felt strongly that a 15hp engine with electric start and heavy-duty transmission, chassis and cowling would sell.

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Oval-track-tested, the machines performed well turning left — the direction of the test track — but were known to tip on right turns. Customers and dealers complained.

Don't drop it in; slide it in slowly until it bottoms. Reinstall the link and retaining spring Place the link onto the slide arm and the link arm. Install the spring within the link. Check that the slide goes up and down by raising and lowering the link arm.

Rather than pay to ship defective models back, dealers were instructed to burn the sleds and send in a photo to collect the refund. Inthe Mercury Sno-Twister began dominating race circuits and continued winning for more than a decade after production ceased.

1971 mercury lightning

During this time, Mercury produced snowmobiles, like many other companies in the late s. The first ones incorporated a cc two-man chainsaw engine.

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