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2019 chevy tahoe automatic high beams

Intellibeam automatic headlamps turn your vehicle's high-beam lights on and off when it's dark and there's no traffic present. Learn how it works. "To enable the IntelliBeam system, with the turn signal lever in the neutral position, turn the exterior lamp control to AUTO. The blue high-beam. The goal is to make driving in the darkness safer by taking the work of controlling high beams out of drivers' hands.

It is nice because you don't have to watch the tach or try to hold a certain rpm, the box does all that for you. No thinking involved, which is good for me.

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I have mine set for a 3K launch, and that is about the limit that my front skinnies can hold the car back, assuming good track prep. Any higher and it will start pushing through the lights.


If track prep is bad, not that sticky, then I run it down to, what ever the track will hold.

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