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2015 cls 400 horsepower

They are NOT "still installed" if you put on either slip-ons or a full after-market exhaust system!. Catalytic converters are designed to clean up exhaust emissions by burning off any residual unburned hydrocarbons.

In the process they become extremely hot. If there is a large amount of unburned fuel passing into the Cats, they will get hot enough to potentially cause anything flammable near them to catch fire.

The AIS system allows oxygen rich air into the exhaust system at the outlet port in the cylinder head.

You do not need to change the wires from the passenger seat. On some cases, there are lines where you need to cut the original to access the battery. Remove the air vent fuel. Remove the 10mm nuts and remove the battery cover. Once the coil is removed, you will see the main battery. Remove the main code.

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