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Ktm duke 200 top speed without limiter

Biking: Want to feel like Valentino Rossi?

The KTM Duke is the first of many KTM's that will come to India via the 40% Bajaj connection.A few media outlets were invited by Bajaj Auto. The KTM Duke comes with a rev limiter that kicks in at 10, rpm. The Duke‚Äč, which simply loves being revved to the moon, feels castrated. REVIEW KTM DUKE AND MUCH MORE THE MADNESS I got the Duke on an impulsive mad The ZMA went to without me even realizing it! The top speed in the 6th gear is 90 kmph with the limiter set to rpm.

One Duke was parked in our building lobby, I loved the naked look of the bike. Maybe that was in my sub conscious mind. I am no techno geek, never was except for Marine Engines of my Ship. They are 30, bhp engines and the design is very simple, largely unchanged for decades.

The color of the decals are incorrect such as the eye and water which are clearly too dark. Strangely alot of flash for such a new kit especially in delicate areas like the raked superstructure. The paint, glue and brush are rubbish.

The good: The kit is very detailed for the size which is two thirds smaller than its titanic counterpart.

Motor bikes are different. Madness and me have gone hand in hand for ages.

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At age 62 that madness refuses to leave me despite visit to Sai Baba as early as last month. Venkat was supported by Deepak Kulkarni, good friend from my Photography Club days. He too has a Duke All my bikes the Avenger, the and the Duke did well for me.

Both have similar behavior patterns to a point.

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Both bikes have amazing response to the throttle. But the Duke flashes forward much more quickly than the I guess it is a lighter bike than the and has a better power to weight ratio.

How to disable Duke 200 speed limiter - Speed Sensor Wiring - Top Speed - Delhiocity

I have taken the to max speed of kmph with over heated engine and solid orgasmic vibrations. The ZMA went to without me even realizing it! It has a car like radiator which I recently noticed. Of course the console was and is a joke. In the 6th gear the Duke cruises nicely at low speeds of 40 kmph.

No knocking of the engine. The top speed in the 6th gear is 90 kmph with the limiter set to rpm.

My has 3 Regn numbers. Doc Arnob Gupta, knows why. Is the ZMA a better bike than these two hooligans? I have yet to take the Duke beyond 90 kmph as the running in is not yet done. The limiter is still set to rpm. That idea was vetoed by the family. For the next 3 years I quit Motobiking and gave my P to my nephew Anish who was then a College ktm duke 200 top speed without limiter student.

He is 6 ft 3 inches tall! I had finally started to behave my age, like a Grand Father should. I was living a nice retired life, going for morning walks, reading newspapers and spending time on the net. I had a great time playing with my grand daughter Anika. Anish is now 2 years into a good job and booked a Bullet Classic He returned my bike some 3 weeks ago.

It looked like a cartoon bike straight from an animated movie delivered to me by FATE. I had forgotten steering and source steering, weaving and weight shifting.

I was scared stiff in traffic. The bike would jerk, fire off like a rocket, engine would cut off because I was lazy with the clutch.

I did not know what switch did what. I just stopped riding the Duke. I practiced that with eyes closed. Once I had control of the switches, I slowly worked on practicing on empty roads early morning hrs. Once I had that done, I started to ride in traffic again. I gained confidence and took my wife Medini for a ride. I took a picture of her with the Duke. So far I have kms on the Odo. Still have kms to go before the first servicing is done.

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Light bike, easy to maneuver. Throaty grunty noise like my P Very quick off the blocks. The console has just the right information for the rider. RVM: Very good visibility. Very easy to handle in traffic and weave with weight shift. Response in the 2 to 6 gear is quick.

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The 3rd gear is the power and control gear for me. Modifications not recommended by existing Dukers. Pillion seat is too small. Can this bike be toured? Can it take riding gear? Have to figure that out.

I like linear acceleration, like the Karizma. The Duke shoots like a bullet from a shot gun in gears 1 to 3! I have this habit of mixing up my lectures with my photography.

Ktm duke 200 top speed without limiter: ktm 200 duke first uk ride review

Ofcourse most are related to "Life at Sea" and a few to Mobiking. This mix and match goes well with the Cadets. They had seen my Duke pics on Facebook and insisted that I ride in the bike to the University. Now Hadapsar Solapur Road is dangerous for beginner on a new unfamiliar roguish bike.

But with dedicated practice over the last few days, I did ride the Duke to the University yesterday 22 March and in half the time that my Honda City does on that route. I am just posting a few pics of the 3 Bikes I rode. With more rides, I will post many more of the "Duke and Duchess of Wellington".

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