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More Details and Rewiews All right. Today I'll be doing a review of the Viking bag Sportster motorcycle swingarm bag as you can see here it's a nice looking bag it's got some pretty good stitching on it all throughout I do like that it comes with double buckles on it I had a previous bag it 2015 softail slim sissy bar kitchen had one I don't think it worked as well personally. If you open it up here you can see now here it has two good flaps to cover on the ends here help keep water out keep all anything you keep in here nice and dry I also like that it comes with a little zipper pocket on the inside see put a few ice you know some sunglasses or whatever else you might need to keep in there for you and then it also comes with the nice I don't know if you can hear it but.

This is a nice hard backing there for mounting you actually buying this to replace a previous bag I had that it didn't have the hard backing on the back and it didn't work out very well because as you can see here see in just a second sorry about that put those back I went ahead and removed the mounting straps that they sent with because I'm actually read article to hard mount my bag and I'll show you that in here in a sec anyway, this looks pretty good it's nice quality leather like I said I do send you the straps these do come pre-installed but I already took them out because I'm not going to be using these so.

The radio should be free to ride and please click for source bay should look something like this. Task the wiring harness to the correct plugs, you cant mix this up they only fit one setting. Attach the 2015 softail slim sissy bar kitchen sided tap to the key gps anti, then attach gps anti to the flat spot above your vent owner, This is tricky to see, just feel around with your experiences.

second photo shows where i stuck it up with in the dash. The https://surautoca.site/category23/4531-used-gl63-amg-price.php should be bad up routed between your vents. They bay is now conveniently for the installation Plug in wire adapters to the back of the electronic, there is a 3rd wire the goes above the minimum plugin in picture, this is also the stage where you plugin your usb to ipod connectivity if you wanted this feature.

This is the bag itself it's a pretty good quality here they also send you some mounting kit as well I was on I didn't even notice this in the ad I was surprised when this came in some good bold you know some hardware embracing washers and there's your washers more screws yeah it's pretty excited when I saw this because I did not know this was 2015 softail slim sissy bar kitchen and then they also send you the instructions on how to mount bags and such I'll show you here what I would plan on using this this nice piece here as you can see it's used but I wish you're going to use this guy I have to modify it a little bit but use this guide to mount it here into my bag and get it hard mounted on my bike that way no don't have to worry about the straps and it's just always going to be there for me.

This is you know if I can make sportster bag but I don't even have a sports.

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You mean this versatile bag I'll show you what I'm gonna put it on here in a second. Yes let me go ahead and move the camera over and I'll be back in just a minute alright.

Here we over at my bike I actually have a Vulcan custom and was just show a little bit of the versatility of this bag I'm actually I'm going to use this it's going to come back here and mount on to my passenger pegs and then when I hit the bag set on it right back here nice and tidy and it'll be hard mounted they'll move with my swing arm. I don't have to worry 2015 softail slim sissy bar kitchen it you know hitting uh or actually won't move my swing I did hit move with my bike I don't have to worry about my you know if my sitting are moving up and down and hitting this guy or you know getting closer to the ground and such.

Uh yeah it's a great bag like I said again high quality leather I also like the Polish buckles that are you know they're nice touch and also I didn't not say it earlier but you take a look here if you wanted you could take a little you know small lock put it on there and lock them down yeah overall good quality bag pretty versatile https://surautoca.site/category9/2263-used-jeep-patriot-for-sale-omaha.php I said I'm gonna have it nice and hard mounted right there on my Vulcan Just a little touch of you know says it's a Sportster bag but you could use it for more than just that.

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Alright thanks and have a good one. This is jonathan here to do a review of the viking large sissy bar bag on a harley-davidson dyna street bob now i'm showing you the bag with the roll bag i don't really use the roll bag never really had a reason to because of how much storage… Harley-Davidson Softail Slim Motorcycle Saddlebags Review - vikingbags.

Today I'll be doing a review of the Viking bag Sportster motorcycle swingarm bag as you can see here it's a nice looking bag it's got some pretty good stitching on it all throughout I do like that it comes with double buckles on it I had a….

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