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Jan 22, Explore jpermanyer's board "Yamaha rd Kenny Roberts" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Yamaha, Bike and Motorcycle. Respectfully if you are looking for an "out of the box" correct specification matching numbers example then im sorry this is not the bike for you.

This low mileage bank repo VW Golf 7 has 79,km on the clock. This low mileage bank repo VW Golf 7 has 37,km on the clock. The vehicle primary colour is Grey. This low mileage used VW Golf 7 has 57,km on the clock. The vehicle primary colour is Silver.

It is also raced extensively in Vintage racing leagues, as well as its own racing leagues, often dubbed "RZ cups" in Europe and Canada. The picture shown to the right is a model with an aftermarket "Expansion Chamber" which was a higher flowing, high-performance exhaust system, devoid of the catalytic converter and other exhaust pollution control items.

Generally there were 4 main variants, produced for various markets. This version was also imported to the UK in limited numbers.

The models are the most collectible. New F2 and N2 models in model runs until It was only sold in California inas the RZNC, and a second version was sold in late and as the RZNC2, both of which had an EVAP canister and an additional catalytic converter in the exhaust pipe header to meet California emission regulations.

Sales of the RZ were discontinued in the US rd 350 kenny robertas Yamaha decided the two-stroke would use too much of their United States Environmental Protection Agency fleet emissions quota, and limit sales of larger displacement bikes, which were more popular sellers. The RZ was the first Yamaha street bike sold in the US that used a "perimeter" frame[ citation needed ] with frame rails around the underside of the fuel tank as opposed to the standard frames of the era with a spine under the center of the fuel tank.

Styling[ edit ] The USA models came in yellow and black Kenny Roberts Special and a metallic red-white and blue model with different graphics and no Kenny Roberts signature on the upper cowl. Inthe red-white-and blue versions had identical graphics to the yellow and black "bumble bee" Kenny Roberts version, complete with signature, but with a red frame.

Leftover models with revised graphics that somewhat resembled the UK versions were also produced. The YPVS could open and close the valve to move the height of the exhaust port and thus affect the exhaust port timing.

The interchangeability of many of the major engine components with the Yamaha Banshee ATV has allowed strong aftermarket support for the RZ It came in a red-on-white color scheme. It was a twin-crank V4 much like the GP bikes of the era and was a quite different bike. Some distributors and dealers sold these bikes with custom paint jobs, causing confusion about OEM paint schemes.

In the bikes had a redesign using ideas Yamaha gained from two-stroke Grand Prix and production race experiences. They also became liquid-cooled and had an 'LC' appended to the name to designate this e. The name changed to RZ in Australia at leastwith the introduction of the variable exhaust valve design in on the 'K' model.

This was a whole new bike and although similar in concept, did not share any parts of the earlier LC series.

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