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1955 chevy 150 models

The model year marked the introduction of a new chassis, all new streamlined single bow bodywork, and the debut of Chevrolet's.

History[ edit ] The One-Fifty was mainly conceived as a fleet model and little effort was spent marketing it to the average car buyer of the day, although sales weren't limited to fleets.

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It was most popular with police, state governments, small businesses, economy-minded consumers and hot rodders. True to Chevrolet's vision, the was no-frills basic transportation. It had limited options, stark trim, solid colors, plain heavy duty upholstery and rubberized flooring.

The Chevrolet Sedan Delivery, was part of the One-Fifty line, and was also designated the in the truck line. Body style choices were also limited to sedans, Handyman wagons four-door in —, two-door in — and until the club coupe.

Powertrain choices were limited to manual transmissions and low output engines until Ina full race-ready version was also available, commonly known as the "Black Widow" for its black-and-white paint color. It was equipped with 4-wheel heavy-duty brakes, 6-lug wheels and dual shock absorbers.

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Collector value[ edit ] In general, One-Fifties are less valuable than the sibling Two-Ten and Bel Air models on the collectors' market, but the rare surviving sedan delivery or Utility Sedan can command premium prices, particularly the model when equipped with a fuel-injected engine. V8 One-Fifties are popular with hot rod enthusiasts, due to lower curb weight and lower prices.

As many One-Fifty models saw use in law enforcement, this model often serves as the basis for latter-day modification into a s-era police car. The two model years were essentially the same, except that the business coupe was renamed the Utility Sedan for The came only with the base engine in All One-Fifties in used a 3-speed Synchromesh manual transmission.

Starting inPowerglide automatic transmission was available on this series. The One-Fifty buyer was free to choose any powertrain option available. The business sedan was renamed the utility sedan this year.

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Unlike the and the Bel Air, the did not have any of the stainless steel trim.

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