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2004 chevy malibu headlight adjustment

If you own a Chevy Malibu, one of the regular maintenance jobs that you'll need to have done is yearly inspection and alignment of the headlight beams.

Tape Adjust the Headlights[ edit ] Drive your Chevy Malibu to a large wall with 30 feet of flat level ground in front of it and park the car a foot from the wall.

Measure the distance from the ground up to the center of each headlight lens. Mark the wall with some painter's tape with a plus sign.

The center of the plus sign should align with the center of the lens. Back the Malibu up 25 feet and turn on the headlights.

Notice where the light beams land in respect to the marked wall. The passenger light should fall 2 inches below the horizontal arm and directly on the vertical. The drivers side should fall squarely in the lower right quadrant, 2 inches below horizontal and 2 inches to the right of vertical.

Go to the front of the Chevy and look along the edges of the headlight lenses. There will be two adjustment screws, one along the top in the middle and one along the inside edge in the middle. These control the horizontal and vertical axis of the light beam.

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Take a Philips head screwdriver and adjust these screws until each light hits the right spot on the wall. Weight can affect the angle of the beams.

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