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Hyundai veloster red leather seats

I've heard the original ammeter wasn't rated to carry 55amps.

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Please visit our "Sell Of the Art" Showroom here in Richmond for a personal choice, family owned business since Originally posted by Wispy: His collate attacks are when you are at range, so dont let him fly away So far this is what I've comprised as well. However, even at close range click has this incredible supernova thing that builds up and then fires large fireballs all over the cylinder.

seen him do it when three of us built him at the same time.

My short-term workaround was to connect both wires to the ammeter to the same side so no current was running thru it. Long term solution is to order a volt meter from gauge guys smiths repro looks similar to original tho the ammeter is Lucas - will let you know if it fits and how it looks.

Gauge guys has a 60 amp ammeter, but they recommended using the voltmeter.

Before you decide you have a bad CDI, or a junk Stator. Perform these simple diagnostic test's. At this point if you have spark, you've eliminated the CDI, and Stator as being the problem. Press the Throttle pin against the internal Safety Switch Like This At this point if you have spark, your throttle bushing's are shot.

You can try replacing the bushing's, but the problem will just come back. Probably sooner than later.

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