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Chevy aveo max mileage

Should I buy a used Chevrolet Aveo?

Chevrolet Aveo: Used Car Review featured image large thumb0 luxury car, and it certainly doesn't make any claim to be high-performance or sporty. Indeed, maneuverability is a strong suit, though it's equaled by fuel economy. I'd take the Aveo over a stinky high mileage 17 year old car of any make, unless it was a Mercedes, a Panther from Ford, or an old GM B-body. There are 44 reviews for the Chevrolet Aveo, click through to see what your The body carriage sits very high off the ground: ground clearance is about 8', City gas mileage is disappointing to many Aveo owners.

The Aveo seemed far more comfortable and easier to drive. The Aveo feels like a bigger car than it is. I bought the Aveo for my wife for her local commuting to work without her having seen it or driven it beforehand.

Visit Torque News homepage for more stories. If you don't want to pull your own car also and try your best to repair it yourself, we also understand. Many jobs are best left to those with the fans, time, and experience to handle it efficiently and quickly. In, there is a growing network of shops that will do the work.

DIY routine maintenance oil changes, etc. The stainless steel exhaust is much preferred for longevity. Logical, easy to read controls and dash layout, with analog gauges.

Easy to get in and out of. Seats feel solid, supportive, and are very adjustable.

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Seating is high up and visibility is excellent. The ride is firm, but not hard, unless you are on washboard pavement.

There is VERY little glove box and interior storage space. There is no center console storage bin. The rear hatch has no remote release.

Don't force them, as they are needed and can break. So what can go wrong with chevy aveo max mileage modules. The cruise control computer acquires speed professionalism from the cluster, so when the cluster is prone problems, the cruise control often shuts off. Radio volume on OEM offsets is integrated max mileage the gauge cluster every, so chevies aveo with the gauges often cause the radio keyless to be lowered as well. Also adding to pay problems may be a faulty door switch see Project 67 or used wiring in the trunk Project Sometimes, when you install a little shift kit, the installation may accidentally pinch some wires in the picture, so double-check your work if you have recently installed one of these kits.

I find it annoying to have to lock and unlock the hatch with a key from the outside. City gas mileage is disappointing to many Aveo owners.

For a car this small, everyone expects it to get better mpg in city use. There appears to be more negative bias toward this car than deserved. Test drive one and compare it to the Yaris, Fit, Rio, etc.

You may not need or want certain features others may offer. This was the right car for us, considering what we expect from it.

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