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Mercedes benz sl500 r129 review

Mercedes-Benz R129 SL

The SL for the '90s is complex, but buy well and it makes for a rewarding modern classic. Mine has the straight six which most Merc`Vets will agree as being bullet proof.I`​m told the early V6`s had problems?? The only major parts that. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wind Deflector Mercedes Benz SL R W SL SL SL SL New Brand Wind Blocker​.

Retro review Mercedes SL R129 by Motor Klassik

Only some have the optional heated seats. A smaller percentage still have brown soft tops instead of common black. Thus this featured SL may be rather unique as well as classic.

25 Years of the R129 SL

This is shorter and wider than you suspect. The microscopic Mini only turns 7 inches tighter. You can use all of its big rectangular space. None of it is wasted with the useless odd shapes and small nooks and crannies of other convertibles. Other convertibles are too shallow to swallow a grocery bag or allow the top to mercedes benz sl500 r129 review up much of the trunk. The - SL has a full trunk with any top configuration, unlike the - on SL and SLK and other brand copy-cats like the Cadillac and Toyota Lexus which allow the roof to collapse into your trunk.

TRICK: there is a light switch on the inside of the trunk near the latch on the body. It's not visible from behind the car, you can see it from inside the trunk to learn where it is. You use this switch to turn off the light if you choose to leave the trunk wide open in your garage till your next trip. It automatically resets the next time the trunk is closed. Insert the end of the strap which lifts the trunk's false floor to keep the https://surautoca.site/category15/2453-mazda-3-sedan-kaufen.php floor raised while working with the spare.

San Luis Obispo, California, July, SL with an almost unheard of brown soft top click to enlarge Carlsbad, California, May, SL, hardtop attached, in the motorcourt of a fine home. Many people exclaim "Jesus Christ! This dwarfs BMW's 12 cylinder 5.

Olivenhain, California, July, The engine bay with standard dual ram cold-air induction system. The black circles on the ends of the intake cams are the electromagnetic clutches for the variable valve timing.

Mercedes benz sl500 r129 review - used car advice: mercedes-benz r129 500sl/sl500

Acceleration comes from torque, not horsepower. The horsepower advertised by sub-six-figure vehicles has much less to do with acceleration than torque. A normal car has only about ft-lbs of torque, peak. This is more torque than tomorrow's new not-yet-available Ferrari F, which only has ft-lbs.

1995 mercedes-benz r129 sl500 review

Today's state-of-the-art Ferrari Modena, for which many people are still on waiting lists, only has ft-lbs. Chevrolet took out a three-page ad in Autoweek's January 24th, issue pages 5 - 7 to brag about the power of their Vortec engine in their huge Silverado Z71 truck. It can't even make HP.

2001 Mercedes Benz SL500. R129 Classic Beauty!

You could win more mud bog races with the SL powerplant than one from an exotic or an American truck, and the SL plant did this even 15 years ago. The SL is more potent than almost anything.

Torque is what accelerates a car, not horsepower. Horsepower only relates to top speed, and cars today are electronically limited for top speed so horsepower is irrelevant even if you could drive anywhere near top speed. Variable Valve Timing. This give the engine the unGodly power above when you need it, and lets it idle almost silently and give fantastic gas mileage for normal use.

Yes, the biggest problem with this usually silent engine is that you now are aware of everyone else's car mercedes benz sl500 r129 review problems since you can hear them so clearly with the top down. This advanced feature is what makes this engine have such extraordinary power and fuel efficiency and silence, all in the same engine.

Mercedes calls this the M engine. Aluminum alloy block and head.

Important to Remember

Learn where to locate your Color Identification Plate. Please do not order based on the color you see onscreen. Because computer and phone screens are all different, the color you see on online may not look exactly the same as the paint you receive. For more information, view the FAQ'S.

Always verify your Dodge color code on your vehicle before ordering. The Dodge Ram Pick-up colors on this page may go by several different names and the color sample shown above for Dodge Ram Pick-up is approximate.

This 4-valve, quad cam high-performance engine is similar from -although the torque rating of the is a little more than any other mercedes benz sl500 r129 review. In - Mercedes now uses a less powerful, less torquey 3-valve-only engine in all their models.

Oddly, this car makes all this power without headers! Select the "W" winter mode for high-speed reverse driving. I hope Mercedes' firmware stops you from doing this. Let me know if you try. The power never stops while shifting since each upshift puts you back on the top of the torque curve. There's no letdown of power at each shift giving the SL a seamless flow of power at any speed.

There's no jerking forward and back like other cars searching for a powerband while shifting. You get thrown into your seat and aren't released till you cry "uncle! W and S settings on transmission. Normal is S, which stands for Standard or Sport or Summer. W stands for Winter or Wet and gives 2nd gear start and a taller reverse gear to keep you from spinning your tires in crummy conditions. The Winter position is quite clever: it gives smooth second gear starts in casual driving, and has no qualms about downshifting instantly back into first if you punch it.

This needs more research since the Winter position might save fuel, give a comfier mercedes benz sl500 r129 review and not lose any performance. Independent suspension means each of the four wheels can move freely without affecting the motion of any other wheel. Each driven axle requires an additional four universal https://surautoca.site/category8/2814-mazda-car-dealer-tele2.php CV joints to add this feature.

Independent suspension improves traction, road and trail holding and ride quality all at the same time, and it's expensive to add.

That's why few American vehicles go to the trouble. I get much better: 24 MPG on the highway with the top up and 17 MPG sl500 r129 review around town like an idiot and coming to full stops at stop signs with the top down.

Most cars and people get less than the EPA ratings. This is why the EPA updated the rating procedure for the first time since for the model year. This is a benefit of the 5 speed overdrive added with the model year and Variable Valve Timing.

I suspect something was different in the test procedure that year, not the car. EPA ratings are with professional drivers, top up and the air conditioning turned off. It had just about the same ratios for the first four gears and lacked overdrive. It may also have lacked lock-up. The drag coefficient Cd is 0. Most convertibles are about a Cd of 0. It is laudable to have a cloth top with such a low Cd, this took a lot of work on their part.

As the mercedes benz below show, the - models have the best Cds of any of the SLs, from through Many convertibles, especially those under six figures, are going this way today, so beware. Today's regular SL has a spare. Automatic Slip Reduction ASR works at all speeds to eliminate rear wheel spin, called burnouts by we scientists.

It helps prevent burn-outs at stoplights and also prevents wheelspin even at 70 and 80 MPH in corners and on crummy pavement. You can turn it off to do burnouts to impress the innocent. The SL's gears, tires and engines are calibrated to give maximum launch with the hammer down from a stop, presuming you have the correct OEM Z-rated sticky tires.

If you've gotten cheap and replaced them with H-rated or discount tires you'll see the ASR traction control light blinking as you launch, meaning the less sticky tires started to lose contact and the SL had to shut down a little to let them hook up again.

Buying a used Mercedes SL R129 - 1989-2001, Buying advice with Common Issues

This really slows down your times so be sure to get the correct tires. The SL is the world's safest convertible. Two airbags per person; four total. Explosive charges in each seat called "Emergency Tensioning Retractors," or ETR, snug down the seatbelts in case of crash.

Episode seventy four of "Weekend Warriors", the review series for Gran Turismo's selection of sports cars, from small open tops to luxury GT's. ? ! Jooble. .    ! VIN .

Sensor in passenger seat prevents passenger airbags from going off if there's no passenger, saving us the costs of two airbags if not needed. Automatic rollbar pops up in event of crash, even with the hard top attached!

I got the rollbar to pop up without crashing. I was out buzzing around on some twisty two lane roads and came to a safe place to pass. I hammered it and got on the passing side of the road and determined that I really didn't have as much room as I'd like for safety, so I got on the brakes reasonably hard and turned back into my lane.

The rollbar popped up, and I wondered why. Then it dawned on me: firm braking and a sudden turn meant that for all the computer knew I was trying to avoid something. This hadn't happened before braking before turns. I also later wondered why my doors were unlocked, and realized that it also did that for me so if I did crash people could get me out. Getting the rollbar back down after the SL raises it has a slight trick as explained in the manual: you have to hold the UP button for about five seconds until you hear an engagement click, and then hit the down button.

If you just press the down button nothing happens. The windshield frame is strong enough to support the entire car. This is stronger than ordinary cars with roofs that collapse in crashes. Auto-dimming rear view and driver's side mirrors Automatic rain-sensing windshield wiper system. One time I did get caught in the rain and drizzle and the system worked perfectly. When the rain stopped the wiper stopped, when mist happened it magically wiped when it needed to, and mercedes benz sl500 r129 review rain fell it just ran all the time.

It did exactly what I would have done without me having to touch the wiper control. It freed me to concentrate on traffic and driving and not have my attention distracted by having to twiddle with the wipers.

BRAVO, this could save my life in these conditions where one tenth of a second of inattention can cause an accident. Single cam-operated wiper blade sweeps the entire window. This is much better than 2 wimpy wipers on less expensive cars, like the and newer SLs, because all the rain is immediately thrown off the window.

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