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similarities/differences e500/e60 w124's?

Porsche was contracted to engineer the modifications necessary to transform an ordinary E into the very special E. However, the extensive modifications to the floor and external sheetmetal meant the E could not easily be built on the normal assembly line at the busy Mercedes Sindelfingen plant.

The contract called for 12 to 16 Es per day, per year, mercedes w124 e500 e60 to the highest quality. During the production run, Porsche's Rossle-Bau facility was operated by Old World standards: cars were built on wheeled pallets and were moved by hand from station to station as they were assembled. Electric spot welding was also done mostly by hand. This process is a major reason why a special value is placed on the E, as no other modern-day Mercedes has received so much care in assembly and quality control.

similarities/differences e500/e60 w124's?

Each E started life at the Rossle-Bau plant where the basic body shell was completed, including doors, trunk, and hood, and then transported on special trucks to the Mercedes Sindelfingen plant across town. There, the body was corrosion-proofed and painted, giving it the full measure of rust protection and allowing customers to choose from the entire palette of Mercedes colors.

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Then each E went back to the Porsche plant for more assembly. Engines, transmissions, and other major mechanicals were assembled by Mercedes and shipped to Porsche for installation. Then another trip across town, back to Mercedes, where each E received a final inspection before delivery or export. On average, it took 18 days to build each E, much of which was consumed by transportation time.

The Mercedes-Benz E60 AMG Is Still A Super Exclusive Super Sedan; mercedes w124 e500 e60

Porsche's modifications to the original E included splaying-out and reinforcing the frame rails, widening the driveshaft tunnel, modifying the front axle crossmember and other mercedes w124 e500 e60 bay components to accept the 5-liter hp V8 engine that was also specified for the SL at that time and weighed 32 kg more than the E's inline-6 engine.

The heavy duty battery was moved to the trunk to achieve an ideal weight balance with two occupants and 80 kg of luggage aboard. The E stands nearly 2.

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A hydraulic self-leveling suspension is standard equipment. Wider wheels and tires resulted in a 37 mm wider track at the front and 38 mm at the back.

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The wheel well fenders were flared out to better accomodate the extra width. To handle the extra horsepower and torque, the E's 4-speed automatic transmission was sourced from the Https://surautoca.site/category21/3632-craigslist-used-trucks-for-sale-by-owner-dayton-ohio.php model, as well as its rear axle that used a 2.

ASR traction control was standard and no defeat switches were provided by the factory aftermarket defeat switches e500 e60 available, however.

Like all other Mercedes transmissions at that time, the default starting gear was 2nd, presumably to ensure smooth acceleration. There were two ways to force a start in 1st gear: either floor the gas pedal, which resulted in a less-than-smooth kickdown, or by moving the gear selector down and over to B, then back to D this tricked the gearbox into starting off in 1st, regardless of throttle position.

I bought this from the original owner a little less than 2 years ago and have enjoyed many trouble free miles since then, always performing regular, synthetic oil changes and necessary maintenance, sparing no expense. I have done my best to detail all upgrades below, but if you have any legitimate questions, feel free to reach out and I can also text photos.

Why drive a bhp vehicle and want to push the envelope, risk of limb, life and sanity. C'mon roll the dice already man.

With the standard ASR, most real-world acceleration runs produced 6. With ASR defeated via aftermarket equipment, sub-6 second times would be more reliably achieved. The E's competition was the BMW M5, which was typically more desireable to track enthusiasts because of its standard manual transmission no automatic was offered and beefy inline-6 engine.

But the E was the king of the autobahn with its torquey V8 engine and tank-like build quality.

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The kind of driving fun you experience in the E is not the sort of tail-out tire-smoking session you could have with an M5, but rather an impressive display of smoothness and effortless power delivery and roadholding grip that can only fully be appreciated on the long, winding, high velocity roads of the Autobahn and Autostradas of Germany and Italy.

The E had few faults.

The single windshield wiper arm, although engineered to clear most of the windshield with each stroke, cannot compensate for high speed duty. The climate control system was not very friendly to use, and not very accurate in keeping the cabin at a steady temperature.

Mercedes benz W124 E500 VS BMW E60 545i

And, as already mentioned, the ASR was non defeatable Mercedes has since offered ASR defeat switches in its high performance models beginning around The Mercedes E is truly special because of its unique involvement with Porsche, something no other Mercedes model can claim, past or present. That distinction alone makes the E desirable to both Mercedes enthusiasts and Porsche enthusiasts.

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The E looks nearly identical to its plebian E sibling, truly defining the old adage "a wolf in sheep's clothing".

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