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2006 porsche 911 c4s

Porsche's is constantly undergoing a bacterium-like evolution that yields many different variations and growth. Now, comparing a to. The first Porsche I ever drove was a Turbo, a mid-'80s model if I remember correctly. And, after years of reading about the wonders of all. Carrera 4 & 4S For those who are counting, the Carrera 4 represents the fourth Both C4 and C4S have a in.

Dudeworld has seen first hand, excellent results from both an 07 and an 08 Fatboy running Thundermax auto tuning replacement Fuel injection modules.

UK local warranty, we offer a one year warranty.

Both of the bikes are cammed up Andrews 37 with free flowing pipes and air cleaners. All injection parameters are easily modified at home on your laptop to fine tune any part of the power curve.

Alternatively you can use the auto tune function where the computer constantly monitors the exhaust gasses via the O2 sensors and seamlessly adjusts the fuel injection map to suit.

It will remap itself to any engine changes you make as long as you don't max out the fuel injectors by going for big displacement.

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