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2008 toyota rav4 limited v6 4wd reviews

Come see Toyota RAV4 reviews & pricing! Impressive performance with new V6 engine; Optional third-row seating is rare in this class.

In the real world, SUV sprints are a rarity and quarter-mile times are meaningless, so don't get wrapped up in the V6 mania unless 'fast' is your focus. The RAV is well proportioned and spacious without being an oversized 'box.

Front seat legroom is barely acceptable. My 6'4" son's knees push against the passenger-side dashboard when seated normally. On the plus side, the backseat legroom is better than expected.

And while I prefer a firm seat, these chairs are almost too hard, although oddly comfortable at the same time. It is easier to open in a tight garage and you are far less likely to hit your head on any part of it.

The interior design and control layout is attractive and uncluttered. I would have preferred having the cruise control functions on the steering wheel in place of the bluetooth controls that occupy that space. And, unlike many, I think the cup holders are well placed and sufficiently sized wrestling with a 78 oz.

Follow the fuel line behind the new manifold, near the firewall. You can see the line, but will have to do this part mostly by feel. Frequent behind the intake manifold.

Long-term potential problems I've researced since our purchase may concern you, as they do me. In particular, the 4-cyl. A Toyota TSB addressed this issue prior to the '09 model year introduction.

So you can select the Alpine White as it is the car color of bright shade. Making the look of the owner more elegant and decent. It is the car color which indicates the originality of the things. Mineral White is the car color which is known for the Purity of the shade.

If this concerns you, I would recommend staying with an '09 or newer model.

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