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Prius gas gauge stuck

How to Reset a Fuel Gauge

The fuel gauge in your automobile indicates the amount of fuel that remains in the The instructions in this article are based on a Toyota Prius and other Toyota​. has anyone else experienced an erratic gas gage on their toyota prius? mine sometimes shows full when i've used at least 4 gallons of gas. i.

The shop performed the necessary electronic checks and fixed the superficial damage to the Prius.

After a time, the car was completed and I drove it off-the petrol gauge was at the half tank mark. I decided to fill up the tank.

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Black with Power Leather Interior.

I paid for what seemed to be almost a full tank price It still hovers at one bar over https://surautoca.site/category1/6487-2008-toyota-rav4-limited-v6-4wd-reviews.php half mark. Scouring the web, and this site, I found a fuel calibration protocol.

Park the vehicle so as it is level,front to back and side to side. IgOn not Ready mode and make sure that "Trip A" is showing on the odo this is where we made a mistake.

https://surautoca.site/category5/2535-harley-get-a-grip-hand-grips-takyon.php Keep your foot off the brake.

Push the Power button twice to IgOn not Ready mode. The 6 digit code will change to a 5 digit code.

My problem is that at step 8 in this procedure, no 6 digit code appears. Does any one have any advice?

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