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2008 shelby mustang coolant

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Add the mixture to the coolant reservoir, when the engine is cool Fill until the appropriate fill level is obtained. Steam and scalding liquids released from a hot https://surautoca.site/category16/7261-1983-honda-vt750c-shadow-for-sale.php system can burn you badly.

Also, you can be burned if you spill coolant on hot engine parts. If sprayed on the windshield, coolant could make it difficult to see through the windshield. MIX recycled coolant and conventional coolant 2008 shelby mustang coolant in the vehicle. A large amount of water without coolant may be added, in case of emergency.

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Water alone without coolant can cause engine damage from corrosion, overheating or freezing. The cooling system is under pressure; steam and hot liquid can come out forcefully when the cap is loosened slightly. If you must remove the pressure relief cap or radiator cap depending upon engine applicationfollow these steps to avoid personal injury: 1.

Before you remove the cap, turn the engine off and let it cool. When the engine is cool, wrap a thick cloth around the cap.

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Slowly turn cap counterclockwise until pressure begins to release. Step back while the pressure releases.

When you are sure that all the pressure has been released, use the cloth to turn it counterclockwise and remove the cap. This procedure should be used when refilling the cooling system.

Remove the pressure relief cap from the coolant reservoir 2. Reinstall the pressure relief cap. Start and idle the engine until the upper radiator hose is warm this indicates the thermostat is open and coolant is flowing through the entire system.

Shut the engine off and let it cool. Remove the pressure relief cap from the coolant reservoir. Check the coolant level in the reservoir before you drive your vehicle the next few times with the engine cool. Whenever coolant has been added, the coolant level in the coolant reservoir should be checked the next few times you drive the vehicle. If you have to add more than 1. Your cooling system may have a leak.

Operating an engine with a low level of coolant can result in engine overheating and possible engine damage. Brake and clutch if equipped systems are supplied from the same reservoir. If the fluid levels are outside of the normal operating range, the performance of the system could be compromised; seek service from your authorized dealer immediately.

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