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2008 lexus ls460 wind noise

Read customer reviews from Lexus owners to see how they rate the LS ‚Äč; Michaelmccall The car has too much wind noise.

Used Lexus LS Consumer Reviews, Page 18, Edmunds

Our new LS doesn't have the wind noise problem. However I totally agree however with the fix quoted here. That spot is the noisy spot in any car for air leaks.

Any air leak there is BAD!. It will stick to plastic and paint. Silicon rubber won't hold long term to plastic, don't use it. If you have a noisy leak get a DB meter from Radio Shack. Cheap and you can trace the noise, compare it to other or latter model cars and prove to the dealer you have a problem.

Lexus would ignore such a problem but so typical of the car industry. Every time I buy a new car I sweat the first month. If you get a lemon God help you because the dealer will just yawn.

Apologise, ls460 wind lexus noise 2008

Change of make here but We also have a Toyota Highlander. Lots of miles and zero problems.

Never been back to the dealer,ever. Our son bought one a year latter and the heater control goes out just past 50Kjust out of warranty.

So 20K miles latter out it goes again. So I take a look at it.

Removed the knob and pot and a wire is broke off due to the pull of the pot on the wire when rotated. So I just solder the wire back on, zero costput some LockTite on the knob assembly and problem fixed.

2008 lexus ls460 wind noise - 2008 ls 460 wind noise from front windows

Large company bureaucracies have zero common sense and there is no sense fighting them. That's just the way life is.

Highlander or Lexus same deal. Find the noise with a meter and fix it your self or live with it.

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