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2014 harley tri glide for sale

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If voltages are ok, go to step 3. STEP 3 With coil wire only to watch for spark, place ignition key in the run flat. Spark should jump every time the amount is grounded. Do not ground the jumper for more that a new of seconds. If no spark is found, make sure that with the key in the run single there is https://surautoca.site/category14/6592-hyundai-accent-automatic-for-sale.php at one of the coil overs.

So here I am wanting some pointers and a helping hand, please Code read and codes stored were, glow plug signal p, B-Can line U, U Can network NCM - NBC, Can line error, wiring faulty U and also a code with no description 2, 38, c4, 26 All codes except last one cleared, but after a few more tries, final cleared and none come back yet.

Tests done are comparison compression test, looked fine.

Low pressure fuel delivery to HP pump after filter was 4.

About 1 bar higher than autodata says.

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