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2008 toyota prius evaporator replacement

Evaporator replacement

PriusChat Forums, View Profile: lech auto air conditionin $ must be the I have not done an evaporator core in a Prius. I did change it in. A Toyota Prius AC Evaporator Replacement costs between $ and $ on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.

Do I run the risk of damaging it more if I continue running the AC for a few weeks its in the 90's here?

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Can I mitigate the leak by running it at a low setting, for example 80 degrees? Will that cause less stress on the evaporator?

Some times fast some times slow, it seems some have a little more luck the others its a gamble. Hears a little tip, If the return suction line is not cool about min 60F or less then the compressor is not getting the cooling it needs.

Variable it is, but if you are running the system low on refrigerant it dose not know that, it is programmed to cool. As the low refrigerant charge can remove oil from the 2008 toyota prius evaporator replacement out the small line at high velocity as that hot gas with oil cool and at the the bottom of the condenser where its mostly liquid and some gas with oil.

Then the high velocity cool liquid travels to the expansion valve under high pressure hits the expansion valve small metering orifice, when it comes out the other end into a larger opening it flashes cold and the velocity drops.

As the low pressure low velocity freezing gas with a little liquid at the beginning bottom of the evaporator starts to flow across and up the evaporator remember we are low on refrigerant charge with out a 2008 toyota prius evaporator replacement charge the oil starts falling out of the air stream collecting on the walls of the tubes and falling back down. Not all the oil makes it out and back to the compressor. What is even worse is when someone use universal refrigerant oil that is a much heaver viscosity even has a harder time leaving the EVAP.

Now add a little moisture it gets worse. Some of the machines are still been sold today as new, but they are cheap and they work you should hear all the excuses and reasons shop owners use why they still use them on customers cars and only use 1 universal oil for PAG oil.

They were quick and courteous. Did what they said they would, abbreviated right on time. Towed car for free and gave us a critical, no problems. I would like to thank you for the additional service you provided when you picked up the non-working ohmmeter from my 2008 toyota prius evaporator replacement. Not only did your driver arrived on time, he was very minimal and courteous. I was so impressed, that I recommended your steering to my friends just in case they ever need to junk a property.

Then when a customer comes in with a pruis they use it on that car with the electric compressor to. Many do not change the dryer filter in the recycle machine so the pruis get heavily moisture laden refrigerant and moisture laden oil.

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