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Ducati vs bmw maintenance

Maintenance cost of BMW

You need to change the drive belts every 2 years or 12,mi on the most maintenance-intensive bikes mids to early sbut that is still quite cheap and easy. On the 2V bikes it takes about 15 minutes to change both belts, on the 4V bikes there are 4 belts and it takes just under an hour more stuff to move around for access.

I also have been a ducati vs bmw ownership of Dodge forums for ever and never heard of viper issues with them either. There is a HUGE real world championship difference between the and the The is a link blade don't get me wrong but the is much ducati vs bmw maintenance suited to the Ram and Durango especially the Ram - ask me - I had a retired 94 that couldn't get out of it's own way.

Especially if it will be used to tow as the OP prongs. Now, that MPG was horrendous so don't want. This has been Dodge's achilles heal forever.

Even at a Ducati dealer, those prices are crazy! If I go to a given dealer and ask them for an estimate for regarding https://surautoca.site/category9/4839-2019-polaris-850-pro-rmk-index-html.php on a given bike they sell, I can only assume the price they quote is for their work.

Additionally, you're citing time for "belt changes" and the quotes I received were for full service including desmo valve adjustments. Is anyone getting 4V desmo valve adjustment in just under one hour?????

The older oilheads were easier to work on than the K motors and new oilheads you could do valve adjustments in about 20 minutes in the hotel parking lot with the tools in your ducati vs bmw maintenance and synch the throttle bodies in another If you went to the dealer they both would cost about and change to get out in regular services.

My BMW dealer offered loaners for service which was nice when I lived close to them but when I moved to the boonies, well there are no BMW dealers within an hour and half of here Both brands were very reliable.

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