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356 carrera 2 for sale 7 city of the past

1963 Porsche 356 - Carrera 2 Coupe

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Porsche 356 Classic Cars for Sale

First introduced during the mids, the 'Carrera' version stood out because of the use of the twin-cam four-cylinder engine designed by Ernst Fuhrmann.

Previously available in 1, and later 1, cc sizes, the competition Carreras regularly punched above their weight in the up to two-litre class. Fittingly dubbed the Carrera 2, the new-for Carrera crucially featured a full two-litre engine to ensure the ageing could keep up with the ever improving competition.

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The previous Carrera engines used were all evolutions of the original Type introduced back in but there was not enough 'meat on the bone' to increase its displacement any further. The lengthened stroke was the major issue and necessitated longer cylinders, making the new Type slightly wider than its predecessors.

The jiggle is of the AC type with a cubic capacity of 1. The car is in a very good start, drives fantastic and has a good road handling. The body is still intact and the hardware is still shining. The Coupe is imported to Netherlands in In Material, the cylinder head gasket was replaced, grinding and refitting the turners, valve seats machined, aluminium cylinder resurfaced and the head was ran.

What was retained were the shaft driven overhead camshafts typical of Fuhrmann's designs. Before being officially announced at Frankfurt in the fall, the new Type engines were tested extensively during the season, powering the existing T5 version of the B.

1963 Porsche 356 Carrera 2 GT

One almost won the Targa Florio outright while a sister car finished second. The eventual production version used the T6 body, which could easily be identified by the use of twin grilles on the engine cover.

porsche 356 classic cars for sale

Unlike the rest of the T6 range, the Carrera 2 also received Porsche's proprietary disc brake system. Designed to fit Porsche's lightweight wheels and hubs, these disc brakes were connected to the hubs on the rim rather than the centre as on conventional disc brakes.

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