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2008 toyota camry hybrid windshield wipers

2008 Toyota Camry Passenger Wiper Blade - Premium

These wiper blades enable you to drive safely in rain, sleet and snow. Toyota Camry, Exact Fitâ„¢ Hybrid Black Wiper Blade by.

2008 Toyota Camry Windshield Wiper Blades

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Get wipers now Preparation Start on the driver's side of your Camry. Most blades are held in place with a tiny clip. Push that clip up towards the arm and push the blade backwards, as if you were sliding it down the wiper arm.

If it's a bayonet, look for a slot on the wiper blade connector about the size of the bayonet and position the blade in front of it. If it's a side pin, make sure the correct adapter is on the wiper blade line up the hole on the side of the wiper with the pin. Attach the blade Push the blade on to the wiper arm.

Get wipers now Disconnect the old blade Once the blade is free from the hook, push the blade a few inches down the arm to disconnect it. When the hook is fully visible, the blade will be free and can be taken off.

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Position the new blade Position the new blade so that the the hook is pointing at the wiper attachment. The hook will go over the top of the attachment.

Lock the blade in place Pull the blade toward the end of the arm. You'll hear a click when it locks into position. You're all finished with the driver's side. Repeat the process on the passenger side of your Camry.

Rain-x has a series of installation videos you can view here.

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