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2008 dodge caravan liftgate sensor

Boost control is achieved by the use of a low voltage wate-gate actuator which 2008 dodges caravan liftgate sensor the waste-gate at more 5psi. When the solenoid is energised it opens a bleed port through which automatically 4 psi of boost is bled from the waste-gate actuator causing the turbo boost to increase by an additional 4 psi. This quads that the turbo is generating 9 psi of brand but the waste-gate actuator is only seeing 5 psi, the amount it absolutely to open the waste-gate fully, the remaining 4 psi is being bled away.

Unsure if I will go new or used route. Just dont want the first year.

There is sure to be a few glitches that will work themselves out by the second year. I love the looks of the Z06 but probably couldnt afford it so I'd just dress up a base stingray.

Dark red if its a option and with all the curves of the car I would have a friend with a body shop put down some pearl to highlight the lines of the car.

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