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Porsche 911 356 speedster

See Design Evolution Of Porsche Speedsters From 1955 To Today

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LinkedIn The forefather of all these models is the America Roadster.

Porsche 911 356 speedster: porsche speedster: driving pleasure for more than six decades

The exclusive sports car, developed for the US market and built only 16 times, already featured key elements of the Speedster design with slot-in windows for the doors, a folding rain-cover top and lightweight bucket seats. He requested an inexpensive Porsche with reduced furnishings costing less than 3, dollars. It combined the sheet steel body of the cabriolet with a raked windscreen, reduced interior equipment and a rain top.

Hollywood icon James Dean was also an enthusiastic racing driver and chose this purist model, which was dedicated solely to the sheer pleasure of driving. Further generations of the Speedster followed.

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Ina Speedster variant was introduced in the series, as the crowning highlight of the discontinued G model generation. The most open of all the models was based on the PS Carrera featuring a wide turbo look.

It was optionally also available in export markets with a leaner car body. The windscreen was shortened, and a manually operated rain top disappeared under a large plastic bubble painted in the vehicle colour. In those days, the prices for the Speedster started atmarks.

A total of 2, Speedsters from the G series were produced. In addition, 15 vehicles were produced with wide turbo body.

The new Speedster models were given a revamped soft top mechanism designed to make the manual opening and closing of the roof easier. The locking mechanism of the large plastic cover at the rear was also optimised.

Visual highlights were provided by bucket seats from the Carrera RS painted in the vehicle colour and special leather upholstery. The Speedster costmarks when it was launched in February However, the buyer had to do without air conditioning, electric windows and at first even an airbag. Classic Speedster models.

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